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9781633892569Free audiobook download of Joe Rigney’s excellent book on “The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts” at ChristianAudio.

Helping readers walk the line between idolatry and ingratitude, this book emphasizes our responsibility to glorify God by joyfully embracing his good gifts without letting them become worldly distractions that steal our affection.

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Free Audiobook of the month: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

Also free: Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul

Mark Dever - Overview Sermons of Bible Books

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Mark Dever preached sermons at Capitol Hill Baptist Church giving an overview of each book of the Bible. Those sermons have been compiled into two books by Crossway: The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made and The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept. Below are links to the overview sermons, serving as virtual free audiobooks of each book. [See a huge list of books Mark Dever recommends.] Click on each sermon to download it.

Sermon: What Does God Want of Us? The Message of the Bible

You can listen on our YouTube Channel: Old Testament and New Testament.

Mark Dever - The Message of the New Testament AudiobookNew Testament Overview Sermons

  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  4. John
  5. Acts
  6. Romans
  7. 1 Corinthians
  8. 2 Corinthians
  9. Galatians
  10. Ephesians
  11. Philippians
  12. Colossians
  13. 1 Thessalonians
  14. 2 Thessalonians
  15. 1 Timothy
  16. 2 Timothy
  17. Titus
  18. Philemon
  19. Hebrews
  20. James
  21. 1 Peter
  22. 2 Peter
  23. 1 John
  24. 2 John
  25. 3 John
  26. Jude
  27. Revelation

Buy The Message of the New Testament on Amazon or WTSBooks.

Mark Dever shared about preaching overview sermons on the Pastor’s Talk podcast:

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12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke is the January 2018 free audiobook of the month from Christian Audio. Download book here.

12Ways_3DCoverDescription: “Drawing on the insights of numerous thinkers, published studies, and his own research, writer Tony Reinke identifies twelve potent ways our smartphones have changed our lives—for good and ill. Reinke calls us to cultivate healthy habits for smartphone use in the digital age, encouraging us to be grateful for technological advance, develop skills aimed at maximizing the blessing that we (and others) can receive through our phones, and grow in the wisdom we need to avoid the many pitfalls that exist with such a powerful tool.”

Read reviews on Amazon or listen to author interview below:

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Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert Free AudiobookCourtesy of The Gospel Coalition Podcast and ChristianAudio, you can now download the audiobook of Rosaria Butterfield’s Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert for free by following the instructions below.

1. Go to the audiobook page on

2. Add the book to your cart.

3. At checkout, use the code “TGC2016”.

This deal ends July 31, 2016.

Here’s Amazon’s description of the book:

Rosaria, by the standards of many, was living a very good life. She had a tenured position at a large university in a field for which she cared deeply. She owned two homes with her partner, in which they provided hospitality to students and activists that were looking to make a difference in the world. There, her partner rehabilitated abandoned and abused dogs. In the community, Rosaria was involved in volunteer work. At the university, she was a respected advisor of students and her department’s curriculum. And then, in her late 30s, Rosaria encountered something that turned her world upside down-the idea that Christianity, a religion that she had regarded as problematic and sometimes downright damaging, might be right about who God was, an idea that flew in the face of the people and causes that she most loved. What follows is a story of what she describes as a “train wreck” at the hand of the supernatural. These are her secret thoughts about those events, written as only a reflective English professor could.

Rosaria’s story was unknown until she was featured in a January 2013 Christianity Today article, which has been read by more than 1.7 million people. That same month she was interviewed by WORLD magazine’s Marvin Olasky, and the video went viral.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.13.16 PMFree Audiobook of A.W. Tozer’s Delighting in God.

Download the audiobook from ChristianAudio for the month of May.


Understand Your Life’s Purpose by Better Understanding God

“My worship grows and grows as my perception of God grows. God cannot grow. My perception of God grows as I experience Him day after day. I should be more capable of worshiping God today than I was ten or twenty years ago.”

Delighting in God is the message A.W. Tozer intended to be the follow-up to The Knowledge of the Holy. He demonstrates how the attributes of God–those things God has revealed about himself–are a way to understand the Christian life of worship and service. Because we were created in the image of God, to understand who we are, we need to understand who God is and allow His character and nature to be reflected through us.

We are here to serve and adore Him, and we can only fulfill that role by acknowledging who He is. This is the essence of the Christian life and the source of all our fulfillment, joy, and comfort.

3 Free A.W. Tozer Kindle Books

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Free Audiobook Kevin DeYoung Taking God at His Word’s free audiobook of the month (April 2016) is Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me by Kevin DeYoung.

Go to for your download.

Description from Amazon:

Can we trust the Bible completely? Is it sufficient for our complicated lives? Can we really know what it teaches?

With his characteristic wit and clarity, award-winning author Kevin DeYoung has written an accessible introduction to the Bible that answers important questions raised by Christians and non-Christians. This book will help you understand what the Bible says about itself and the key characteristics that contribute to its lasting significance.

Avoiding technical jargon, this winsome volume will encourage you to read and believe the Bible—confident that it truly is God’s word.

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1. A free audio download of the Common English Bible

2. Living a Prayerful Life by Andrew Murray (Author)

3. 31 Days toward Praying for Your Church by Mike Leake

4. Navigating Trials in the New America: New Book by David Mathis and John Piper

5. CrossTalk by Michael R. Emlet


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Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.08.52 AM

ChristianAudio’s free audiobook of the month is Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up by Ian & Larissa Murphy.

Eight Twenty Eight Description:
During this wedding season, this incredible story challenges us to mirror God’s love for us. Several years ago, Desiring God posted the story of Ian and Larissa Murphy. This amazing testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness touched many. Listen to Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up and be changed by a love story that consistently echoes the persistent love of Christ, and extols a joy deeper than any horrible circumstance.

Download the book from or read reviews on Amazon.


4 Free Christian Kindle Books for Today!

10 Keys for Effective Parenting Kindle Edition
by Colin S. Smith (Author)

The Pursuit of the Holy: A Divine Invitation Kindle Edition
by Simon Ponsonby (Author)

A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You Kindle Edition
by Paul David Tripp (Author)

When Your Husband Is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart Kindle Edition
by Vicki Tiede (Author)

$0.99 today!

The Case for the Real Jesus [‪#‎Kindle‬ Edition]
@LeeStrobel (Author)

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