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Freebie valid from April 15–17, 2020.

How to Study the Bible: Basic Principles for Studying God’s Word by Gregory Brown

Description: There is quite a bit of confusion over how to study the Bible. This confusion has led to extremes—including hesitancy in approaching the Bible at all (as though it can never be understood) or, on the other end of the spectrum, heretical doctrine. God has given us his Word to be read, studied, understood, enjoyed, applied, and shared. It is meant to be one of our greatest joys, because through Scripture, we get to know our Creator and his will for our lives. Consider what David proclaimed about God’s Word, “O how I love your law! All day long I meditate on it…Your words are sweeter in my mouth than honey!” (Psalm 119:97, 103). Likewise, Job declared, “I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread” (Job 23:12b). In How to Study the Bible, we learn the great benefits of studying Scripture, hindrances to study, basic Bible study tools, and how to interpret and apply it, among other things. Let’s learn how to study God’s Word together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide.

The book enjoys an impressive list of endorsements including:

  • Dr. Elmer Towns; Co-founder of Liberty University; Former Dean, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Young-Gil Kim; Founding President, Handong Global University
  • Dr. Neal Weaver; President, Louisiana Baptist University
  • Ajith Fernando; Teaching Director, Youth for Christ; Author of A Call to Joy and Pain
  • Dr. Min Chung; Senior Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church, Urbana, Illinois; Adjunct Professor, Urbana Theological Seminary

Download the Kindle edition here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 12.05.11 PMPeter Dixon’s Peacemakers: A Christian View of War and Peace is now on sale for Kindle through March 8, 2019.

Do you wonder what ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ means in practice?

When is war a just war? Should outsiders intervene in civil wars, and how? How can Christians effectively engage in resolving conflict? How do we understand relational peacebuilding? How do we achieve reconciliation?

Peter Dixon offers a moral framework on which to base our thinking about war and peace, undergirded by a solid confidence in God’s sovereignty, as we face the uncertainty of the real world.

‘I don’t think we need to take responsibility for righting all the wrongs of the world like Superman.’ he says. ‘It is enough for us to do what we can, when we can, where we can.’

Peacemakers evolves at another level too. As the author takes us down an icy Kabul street, or allows us to observe children celebrating a shaky peace in South Sudan, we experience first-hand the backcloth against which international peacebuilding takes place.

Some comments on Peacemakers

  • ‘A work of extraordinary relevance in today’s troubled and volatile times’, Lord (Richard) Dannatt, former head of the British Army.
  • ‘A gentle, wise and helpful companion as we try to make sense of the conflicts in our world’, Ram Gidoomal CBE, Chairman of Traidcraft, Stewardship and Cotton Connect.
  • ‘Given the importance of peace in Christian priorities, I hope this book will be given the attention it deserves’, Michael Schluter CBE, Founder of the Jubilee Centre, Relationships Foundation and Relationships Global.
  • ‘A thought-provoking and engaging book.’, Air Commodore Mark Leakey, former Director Armed Forces’ Christian Union.

Buy Peacemakers: A Biblical View of War and Peace.

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Jan Blonk’s Meeting God at Wits’ End: Hope for the Weary is now $2.99 for Kindle until January 27, 2018.

Are you weary? Have you come to the end of yourself?At times, we can be so overwhelmed with life’s struggles that we don’t know what to do or even say. “Where is God?” we may wonder.”Meeting God at Wits’ End” encourages you to look to the One who can give you unwavering hope amidst all your afflictions! He will meet you right where you are.There are 31 devotionals, highlighting His all-sufficiency and helping you find rest in His steadfast love.

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Jan Blonk’s book Battling Sexual Temptations and Sins: Overcoming through God’s Word and Spirit Kindle Edition is now on sale for $2.99. Sale ends January 27, 2018.

Are you enjoying Jesus’ forgiveness and victory on your behalf? Years ago, a mature Christian asked me: “Are you wiser than Solomon? Are you stronger than Samson? Do you love God more than David?” My three-fold answer was negative. He responded: all three fell into sexual sin. What are your answers to these questions?No one is immune to sexual temptations and sins. Therefore, you need to properly arm yourself with God’s Word and Spirit. Even when you fall, God has graciously provided for your forgiveness and restoration.Whether you occasionally struggle with sexual temptations or it’s a daily battle, having been overcome by them, there’s definite hope, genuine encouragement, and real victory, even in your defeat.”Battling Sexual Temptations and Sins” contains 40 devotionals, helping you enjoy Jesus’ victory on your behalf, making you an overcomer.

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This deal begins November 25, 2017.

$0.99 for The Shift: The True Story Of How One Businesswoman Left Everything Behind And Changed The Lives Of Thousands by MaryAnne Connor

A memoir of overcoming pain, fear and doubt, and allowing faith to lead the way to a miraculous life.

You can only resist God’s call for so long. Ask Moses, ask Paul… ask MaryAnne Connor.

As the owner of a successful real estate marketing firm, MaryAnne Connor, appeared to have it all. A happy marriage, the respect of her peers and a thriving career. But denial was her stronghold, and her enemy. She suffered from chronic pain, a dependency on pain medication and her marriage was failing.

And then there were God’s whispers. They were getting louder. He wanted her to shift to a life of helping others. But how could He use her when she was so broken?

After years of resistance, she surrendered to His call, left everything behind and stepped onto the darkest streets of her city.  There she found a kinship with other broken-hearted souls and the burning desire to help the poor and hungry. And so the genesis of NightShift Street Ministries began, along with an incredible series of miracles to conquer every obstacle put in her path.

Purchase The Shift today, walk in MaryAnne’s footsteps and take a remarkable journey to a place of love, hope & purpose.

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How do you discern true vs. false Christianity? In the days of the Protestant Reformation, the core tenets of the faith were strenuously examined. In the end, the Reformers maintained that at the heart of the Christian faith stood five main credos: sola Scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, and soli Deo gloria. This book examines these five “solas” and makes a definitive case for why we’re Protestant.

Celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by picking up a copy of Why We’re Protestant, on sale through October 31, 2017!

Follow Nate Pickowicz on Twitter @NatePickowicz. Check out Nate’s other book: Reviving New England: The Key To Revitalizing Post-Christian America, also on sale.

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What does His creativity within us look like?
How does it express itself, both in us and through us?

For every person who has thought, I’m not creative or “artsy”…I can’t paint…or sing…or dance, this book also exists because the Father wants to redefine creativity, along with its endless possibilities and expressions, and restore it to its original position and purpose. It’s not a question of whether or not there are creative treasures within you, but if you are willing embark on this lifelong voyage, with God as your ever-faithful Guide, and to search for the creative treasures He has placed within you. The question is, will you allow your own creativity to flow through everything you say and do, so that your very life becomes an expression of His marvelous and wonderfully complex creative workmanship here on Earth?

For a limited time, the eBook version of Codye Reystead’s book Fearless Creativity is on sale for $3.99. BUY NOW.

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Faith & The Parable of The Blindfold (Funnest Bible Study Method) by Jwyan C. Johnson is free in the Kindle store.

The Book’s Description: 

Let’s tip-toe with Tom, as he sneaks past Lady Luck. He holds a map, ready to discover the higher yet deeper level called Faith. It is here where one remarkable blindfold unlocks Tom’s other “senses.” Will Tom leave Lady Luck for Faith? And will anyone else? Find out why patience and patients sound the same only at his “old place.” Test your faith inside a biblically attractive journey with mystery, morals, symbolism, discussion questions, a hyperlinked bible index, and even a bonus family skit version! It’s an eye-opening blindfold!

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The First Marriage (The KathIrene Kids Bible Series Book 2) Kindle Edition

Free from December 23–27.


Do you want to communicate and share God’s word with your young children?
Do you want to bond with them as they hear and learn to love God’s word?
Do you want to build a strong Biblical foundation in the lives of your children?

The KathIrene Kids Bible Series is bringing the truth and love of Jesus to children everywhere. Each book in this series is focused on one important story and lesson from the Bible. Timeless poetry and colorful illustrations make these books a favorite for both children and parents.

You can read these books to your children. They can read them to you. They can read them on their own. You can read them together.

In the car
Before bed
In a Sunday school classroom
At home
In a church library
Any time

Through it all, you and your precious children will be hiding God’s word in your hearts.

About the Author

The author, raised by Godly parents, is from a small Ohio town. He is married to his wonderful wife, Christy, and has two incredible daughters, Hannah Katherine and Gwenyth Irene (thus the KathIrene Kids). He has studied God’s word in Ohio, New York, and Alberta, Canada, and desires that all would read and love the Scriptures, abide in Jesus, walk in the Spirit, and glorify God.

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This is a sponsored post.

Reviving New England: The Key to Revitalizing Post-Christian America

by Nate Pickowicz, Foreword by Dr. Steven Lawson

Sale: $2.99 (December 5th–15th)

At one time in history, New England was a light to the nations. From its origination, the Northeast region has been a spiritual powerhouse, leading the way for Christianity to flourish in America and beyond. However, after three centuries of vibrant Christian influence, it encountered a perfect storm comprised of false doctrine, liberalism, and materialism, which crippled the church, and plunged the region into spiritual darkness.

In Reviving New England, Nate Pickowicz makes a case for the inestimable value of the region, and offers a series of biblical prescriptions for faithfulness. Revival is desperately needed—a mighty work of the Spirit of God to stir the hearts of the people. Now, more than ever, the church must devote herself to the Lord. Not only will the reader be encouraged and spurred on, but Reviving New England offers plausible steps for churches to rededicate themselves, be revitalized, or be planted anew. This is a passionate call to action!

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