Encouraged to Pray - Classic Spurgeon Sermons on Prayer Cover

Initial publication Date: November 25, 2017

Let’s face it: we all need encouragement to pray. So many things can impede our pursuit of God through prayer that we feel like giving up.

In Encouraged to Pray: Classic Sermons on Prayer, Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s faithful expositions of Scripture will provide the push and traction you need to move forward in joyful and effective prayer.

Here is a glimpse of four precious jewels Spurgeon mined from the quarry of prayer:

1. If you struggle getting started in prayer, read the Bible first and respond to what God says.

“If the flesh in its weakness hampers the spirit, then let the Bible reading come before the praying, that the soul may be awakened thereby.”

2. God, our all-powerful heavenly Father, is able and willing to grant our requests.

“Do you always remember, beloved, in coming to the mercy-seat, that you are coming to a King, and to One who gives like a King? Do you always open your mouth wide, and ask great things of the King who is so ready to bestow them upon you?”

3. Our gracious Father doesn’t need eloquent prayers to hear the cries of His children.

“A mother can translate baby-talk: she comprehends incomprehensible noises. Even so doth our Father in heaven know all about our poor baby talk, for our prayer is not much better.”

4. When we don’t feel like praying, pray for help.

“Not to pray because you do not feel fit to pray is like saying, ‘I will not take medicine because I am too ill.’ Pray for prayer: pray yourself, by the Spirit’s assistance, into a praying frame.”

Much more can be said about how Spurgeon’s sermons will encourage you to pray, but I’ll just invite you to read this book for yourself.

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