Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert Free AudiobookCourtesy of The Gospel Coalition Podcast and ChristianAudio, you can now download the audiobook of Rosaria Butterfield’s Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert for free by following the instructions below.

1. Go to the audiobook page on

2. Add the book to your cart.

3. At checkout, use the code “TGC2016”.

This deal ends July 31, 2016.

Here’s Amazon’s description of the book:

Rosaria, by the standards of many, was living a very good life. She had a tenured position at a large university in a field for which she cared deeply. She owned two homes with her partner, in which they provided hospitality to students and activists that were looking to make a difference in the world. There, her partner rehabilitated abandoned and abused dogs. In the community, Rosaria was involved in volunteer work. At the university, she was a respected advisor of students and her department’s curriculum. And then, in her late 30s, Rosaria encountered something that turned her world upside down-the idea that Christianity, a religion that she had regarded as problematic and sometimes downright damaging, might be right about who God was, an idea that flew in the face of the people and causes that she most loved. What follows is a story of what she describes as a “train wreck” at the hand of the supernatural. These are her secret thoughts about those events, written as only a reflective English professor could.

Rosaria’s story was unknown until she was featured in a January 2013 Christianity Today article, which has been read by more than 1.7 million people. That same month she was interviewed by WORLD magazine’s Marvin Olasky, and the video went viral.

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