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Description of The Essentials of Prayer

And the very God of peace sanctify you completely, that your spirit, soul, and body be preserved whole without reprehension for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

Christians who pray well, who bring the largest things to pass, and who move God to do great things, are those who are entirely given over to God in their praying. God wants, and must have, all that there is in us. We must be wholehearted people through whom he can work out his purposes and plans concerning us. God must have us in our entirety. No double-minded people need apply. No vacillating person can be used. No person with a divided allegiance to God, the world, and self can do the praying that is needed. Holiness is wholeness, and so God wants holy people – wholehearted and true – for his service and for the work of praying.

This book challenges the reader to first make sure he is ready to pray, and it also shows from Scripture when and how we ought to pray. E. M. Bounds examines the lack of prayer and its causes, but he also includes examples of answered prayer to give hope to those who feel like their prayers aren’t being answered. Some may experience guilt for their lack and inconsistency of prayer, but sincere Christians will also be stirred in their heart to pray, and to pray well.

Bonus freebie from J.C. Ryle: The Duties of Parents: Parenting Your Children God’s Way

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