Hard-Earned Conviction

John Calvin, a man adored by some and maligned by others, stands as a legendary figure in Christian history.

In Calvin on the Christian Life: Glorifying and Enjoying God Forever, author Michael Horton writes that Calvin “arrived at his convictions not out of ivory-tower speculation or monastic contemplation, but out of constant crises, tests, disappointing setbacks, and personal suffering.”

Deepen your understanding of Calvin’s theology and ministry, and explore the heart of his spiritual life: a confident trust and unwavering joy in the sovereign grace of God.

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Calvin Prayer CoverRelated Book: The Chief Exercise of Faith: John Calvin on Prayer

“There’s nothing else like Calvin’s treatment of prayer… Calvin is both theological and practical, and as usual, he is very comprehensive. This is a rarity—deep theology with a spiritually elevated tone and savor that makes the reader want to pray.” —Timothy Keller

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