Free for Kindle: Just Starting Out: 7 Letters to a New Christian by Alan Stewart

As you start out in the Christian life—or go back to the basics for a refresh—what do you need to know? Listen in on these letters written to a new Christian, Dave, as he learns about some of the essentials of Christian living.

Each letter covers a different aspect of what it means to be a Christian—from how we are saved by God, to why we read the Bible and go to church.
This resource is designed to work in tandem with Just for Starters, a set of seven foundational Bible studies. If you’re doing these studies with someone, you’ll find that the book ties in well with what you’re studying week by week.

Buy paperback copies of Just Starting Out on Amazon or through Matthias Media. A great item to have in bulk for new believers in your church!

Another notable deal from Matthias Media: From Here To Eternity: Assurance in the face of sin and suffering (Lessons from Romans 8) by Ray Galea

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Announcing a new release from Cross-Points Publishing: Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit by Charles Spurgeon, J.A. Medders (Foreword)

“Dear Christian, the Spirit is at work in you. Don’t be discouraged. You may feel like God is sick and tired of waiting for you to get it together. Well, remember that the fruit of the Spirit is also a description of the Spirit himself. He is loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and in control. You are in good hands.” —J.A. Medders from the Foreword

Available in paperback and for Kindle. Browse other titles in the Rich Theology Made Accessible Series (and learn how to get more free books!).

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