A never before released volume from the Prince of Preachers on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

Knowing the Holy Spirit Cover - PT Serif CaptionKnowing the Holy Spirit: Ten Classic Sermons by Charles Spurgeon

“In our day a biblical understanding of the Spirit’s work is sorely needed. Confusion about who He is and what He does abounds, and too often we proceed through life relying on our power rather than His.

Many contemporary works about the Holy Spirit are focused solely on either promoting or refuting the excesses of the extreme charismatic movement, and so there is a need to examine what Scripture has to say on the subject from a different vantage point. Spurgeon’s sermons provide just such a vantage point. They are at once timeless expositions of the truth of God’s Word and timely exhortations for the church to give proper, biblical focus on the person of the Holy Spirit.”

—From the Foreword by Clay Kraby

Table of Contents
1. Pentecostal Wind and Fire
2. The Sealing of the Spirit
3. The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption
4. The Power of the Holy Ghost
5. The Comforter
6. The Superlative Excellence of the Holy Spirit
7. The Holy Spirit’s Threefold Conviction of Men
8. The Holy Ghost — The Great Teacher
9. The Holy Spirit’s Chief Office
10. The Necessity of the Spirit’s Work

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