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The First Marriage (The KathIrene Kids Bible Series Book 2) Kindle Edition

Free from December 23–27.


Do you want to communicate and share God’s word with your young children?
Do you want to bond with them as they hear and learn to love God’s word?
Do you want to build a strong Biblical foundation in the lives of your children?

The KathIrene Kids Bible Series is bringing the truth and love of Jesus to children everywhere. Each book in this series is focused on one important story and lesson from the Bible. Timeless poetry and colorful illustrations make these books a favorite for both children and parents.

You can read these books to your children. They can read them to you. They can read them on their own. You can read them together.

In the car
Before bed
In a Sunday school classroom
At home
In a church library
Any time

Through it all, you and your precious children will be hiding God’s word in your hearts.

About the Author

The author, raised by Godly parents, is from a small Ohio town. He is married to his wonderful wife, Christy, and has two incredible daughters, Hannah Katherine and Gwenyth Irene (thus the KathIrene Kids). He has studied God’s word in Ohio, New York, and Alberta, Canada, and desires that all would read and love the Scriptures, abide in Jesus, walk in the Spirit, and glorify God.

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