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Mark Dever - Overview Sermons of Bible Books

In the late 90s and early 2000s, Mark Dever preached sermons at Capitol Hill Baptist Church giving an overview of each book of the Bible. Those sermons have been compiled into two books by Crossway: The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made and The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept. Below are links to the overview sermons, serving as virtual free audiobooks of each book. [See a huge list of books Mark Dever recommends.] Click on each sermon to download it.

Sermon: What Does God Want of Us? The Message of the Bible

You can listen on our YouTube Channel: Old Testament and New Testament.

Mark Dever - The Message of the New Testament AudiobookNew Testament Overview Sermons

  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  4. John
  5. Acts
  6. Romans
  7. 1 Corinthians
  8. 2 Corinthians
  9. Galatians
  10. Ephesians
  11. Philippians
  12. Colossians
  13. 1 Thessalonians
  14. 2 Thessalonians
  15. 1 Timothy
  16. 2 Timothy
  17. Titus
  18. Philemon
  19. Hebrews
  20. James
  21. 1 Peter
  22. 2 Peter
  23. 1 John
  24. 2 John
  25. 3 John
  26. Jude
  27. Revelation

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Mark Dever shared about preaching overview sermons on the Pastor’s Talk podcast:

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Mark Dever Recommended Books on Ministry, Church History, Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism

This post lists Mark Dever’s recommended books on ministry, church history, theology, apologetics, ecclesiology, evangelism, missions, theology, biography, and more for the building of the church to the glory of Christ.

The goal of this post to honor a man who has inspired and encouraged many, all the while pointing to great books that grow faith promote faithfulness in ministry.

Scroll to the bottom for helpful audio/video resources that make this post a little more enjoyable (at least for the book nerd).

A short biography of Mark Dever from Wikipedia:

Mark E. Dever (born August 28, 1960) is the senior pastor of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and the president of 9Marks (formerly known as the Center for Church Reform), a Christian ministry he co-founded “in an effort to build biblically faithful churches in America.” He is known as a Calvinist preacher.

A brief word on free books and multiple versions/editions:

Some of the books listed below may be found and read for free online (mainly the older ones, and in multiple formats) if you Google the title. You may also want to check our massive list of free Kindle books, Desiring God, or Monergism for more free options (pdf, .mobi, or .epub). Other times when multiple versions are available, we link to the Amazon search page to show options.

Mark Dever’s Christian Classics Curriculum

The following reading list was created for The Gospel Coalition, a fellowship of Gospel-centered evangelical churches in North America. The readings listed here are some of the key texts which have shaped the movement and its current leaders, and offer an historical sense and context to the current movement, particularly in North America. It hardly assumes to be universal, representative, or global in its sampling of church history.

Download PDF of the list below

Mark Dever Christian Classics Curriculum - Recommended Books on Ministry, Church History, & Theology

January (Early Church):

February (Augustine):

March (Martin Luther):

April (John Calvin):

May (Richard Sibbes and Richard Baxter):

June (John Bunyan and John Owen):

July (Jonathan Edwards):

August (Charles H. Spurgeon):

September (B. B. Warfield):

October (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones):

November (C. S. Lewis and Blaise Pascal):

December (Contemporary Authors):

Books read by many interns at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (source)

9Marks Book Series (from Crossway and others)

Why these Nine Marks?

Browse All Books Written by Mark Dever

Recommended Books on Biblical Theology For Church Members (source)

Books on Biblical Theology recommended by 9Marks:

Other Favorite Books of Mark Dever: (Source)

More Recommended Books from Mark Dever (sources: 1, 2)























 Mark Dever: creating a reading culture in your church

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