Westminster Bookstore has great commentary deals, up to 55% off, on the following sets:

  • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (30 volumes)
  • ESV Expository Commentary (11 volumes)
  • Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (8 volumes)
  • Reformed Expository Commentary (34 volumes)
  • The Gospel According to the Old Testament (17 volumes)
  • Focus on the Bible (41 volumes)
  • Preaching the Word NT Set (19 volumes)
  • New Studies in Biblical Theology (58 volumes)

Browse the sale here.

View all special deals here.

Offer ends May 18, 2023!

ICYMI: This month’s freebies and deals

The Great Reduction: Solomon Seeks the Key to Peace by Jay Trott (Sponsored Book)

New Kindle release: God’s Purpose for Your Suffering by Charles Spurgeon

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