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  • Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (30 volumes)
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  • Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (8 volumes)
  • Reformed Expository Commentary (34 volumes)
  • The Gospel According to the Old Testament (17 volumes)
  • Focus on the Bible (41 volumes)
  • Preaching the Word NT Set (19 volumes)
  • New Studies in Biblical Theology (58 volumes)

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Offer ends May 18, 2023!

ICYMI: This month’s freebies and deals

The Great Reduction: Solomon Seeks the Key to Peace by Jay Trott (Sponsored Book)

New Kindle release: God’s Purpose for Your Suffering by Charles Spurgeon

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The Great Reduction: Solomon Seeks the Key to Peace by Jay Trott

What is the secret to happiness?

King Solomon was one of the greatest superachievers of all time and fabulously wealthy. He also had a reputation as the wisest man in the world. But at the end of his life, he was so unhappy that he felt moved to cry out “all is vanity” and wish he had never been born.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon brilliantly diagnoses the causes of our continuing unhappiness and boils down the secret of peace and contentment to a few essential ingredients. The Great Reduction explains why his prescription for peace is just as relevant today as the day it was written. It also uses his diagnosis to shed light on a happiness that goes far beyond anything Solomon could have imagined.

This is a sponsored post.

On Sale Now

The Great Reduction: Solomon Seeks the Key to Peace by Jay Trott. (This is a sponsored listing.)

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New Kindle release:

Assorted Free Books

Free eBook (with opt-in): Living Without Worry by Timothy Lane

Free Charles Spurgeon eBook download: Our Savior’s Cries from the Cross. We’ve partnered with the Anchored in Christ email list to give away a great title from Spurgeon that gets to the very heart of what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.

Free John Piper PDF: 27 Servants of Sovereign Joy

Free Ebook: The Heart of Anger by Christopher Ash

Logos Bible Software Deals

Free Christian Kindle Books from Randy Alcorn, the Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God

Another month, another fresh batch of Christian book deals and freebies, and another month of God’s faithfulness.

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Free Books!

Logos Deals

Kindle Deals:

Free Christian Kindle Books from Randy Alcorn, the Gospel Coalition, and Desiring God

We’ll admit, some months of free and discounted eBooks are better than others. But it’s the months like this one that make our monthly roundup post always worth checking. 🙂

$0.99 Kindle Deal: Encouraged to Pray by Charles Spurgeon

$5.99 Kindle Deal: NIV, The Grace and Truth Study Bible edited by Albert Mohler

Free eBook (with opt in): Galatians for You by Tim Keller

Free PDF: The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D.A. Carson

Free PDF: Come Lord Jesus by John Piper

Logos Free Book: Broadman Bible Commentary: Matthew-Mark

30% off Logos 10 for a limited time

Free Audiobook: The Romantic Rationalist by John Piper; David Mathis; Randy Alcorn; Philip Graham Ryken; Kevin Vanhoozer

Check out Logos’ monthly sale that includes deals on titles like A Praying Church by Paul E. Miller or this flash sale on titles in the New Studies in Biblical Theology series.

If you battle to stay pure for the Lord, we recommend Covenant Eyes software that has helped thousands walk in the light of Christ and shun porn. Get 30 Days FREE with the promo code: CROSSPOINTS

Westminster Books has 22 of the top-selling titles from 2022 on sale.  A top pick is The Biggest Story Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung ($12.49). Also includes Christopher Watkin, David Powlison, Tim Challies, John Murray, and more. (You may also enjoy a copy of the ESV Concise Study Bible for under $7.)

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Now’s the time to buy a new ESV Bible for a gift of in bulk for church!

WTSBooks has 50% off on all ESV Bibles (except some premium leather Bibles due to cost of production).

  • ESV Study Bible
  • ESV Church History Study Bibles
  • ESV Archaeology Study Bibles
  • Readers Bibles
  • Scripture Journals
  • Children’s Bibles
  • and more

Check out the sale that ends December 31.

(Also check out the 50% off deal on the new Complete Works of John Owen volume on the Holy Spirit.)


“All flesh is like grass
    and all its glory like the flower of grass.
The grass withers,
    and the flower falls,
but the word of the Lord remains forever.” 1 Peter 1:24–25

Hope you enjoyed a great day of giving thanks to our Lord.

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Logos Bible Software

Logos has some great deals!

Westminster Books

Deals listed in their 2022 Christmas Gift Guide and Black Friday Deals which has discounts up to 68% off. Top deals include:

Kindle Deals

Still on sale: Up to 75% off of titles in the following commentary series:

Up to 75% off of titles in the following commentary series:

UPDATE: Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on The New Testament

Also check out the Logos Black Friday sale on commentaries:

  • Preaching the Word series
  • Anchor Commentary Series
  • New American Commentary Series
  • Tyndale OT/NT series

WTSBooks deals on the evangelistic booklet The Essential Jesus: Read the Gospel of Jesus for Yourself by Tony Payne and Matthias Media. It’s the gospel of Luke + the two ways to live tract.

You may be interested in Amazon’s Early Black Friday sale with deals on Amazon devices (tables, smart TVs, smart speakers, and more).

Don’t forget these monthly deals as well.