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Evangelize to Revitalize: The Pastor’s Role in Evangelism for Rural Church Revitalization by Matt Henslee (Author), Dr. Matt Queen (Foreword)

Currently for sale at $6.95 for paperback, free for Kindle Unlimited users, and $4.95 on Kindle.


The SBC is in trouble. For over two decades, she has steadily declined. Is there hope? Of course there is! Jesus still saves, and He has sent us into the world to proclaim the Good News. Evangelize to Revitalize aims to defend the importance of pastoral leadership in evangelism, especially in rural church contexts.

“We are never more like Jesus than when we tell others how they can find salvation in Christ alone.” — Matt Henslee (follow Pastor Henslee on Twitter)

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On sale now: Encouraged to Pray: Classic Sermons on Prayer by Charles Spurgeon

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Free eBook with opt-in: Acts 1–12 for You by Albert Mohler

Free eBook with opt-in: Before You Open Your Bible by Matt Smethurst

ChristianAudio Free Audiobook: By the Waters of Babylon

Free Faithlife/Logos eBook: Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion by Rebecca McLaughlin

Free Logos Course: Sons and Daughters of God: The Believer’s Identity, Calling, and Destiny

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Free for Kindle: Joseph: Trusting in God’s Sovereignty and Goodness by Gregory Brown (follow Gregory Brown on Twitter)

Two of the greatest truths that Scripture teaches are that God is both sovereign—in control of all events—and good—righteous and benevolent in his character and all he does. This means that even though bad things happen and evil people and forces exist, God’s good plan will prevail in the end. In fact, Scripture says God accomplishes all things according to the counsel of his will (Eph 1:11), and that he works all things for the good of those who love the Lord (Rom 8:28). God oversees and overrules random events, routine circumstances, good works, and even evil to ultimately accomplish what is good, which includes blessing his people and glorifying his name.

This is clearly seen in the story of Joseph. Born into a polygamous and divided family, his older brothers hated Joseph and sold him into slavery. While a slave in Egypt, he was falsely accused of sexually assaulting his master’s wife and consequently thrown into prison. After interpreting Pharaoh’s prophetic dreams and providing wise counsel concerning them, Joseph was promoted from a prisoner to Egypt’s governor in a single day. As governor, God used him to save Egypt, the infant nation of Israel, and other nations during a seven-year worldwide famine. Though evil happened to Joseph, God used it to train Joseph, bless him and others, and glorify God’s name. God’s plan is to do the same through us (Eph 2:10, cf. Jer 29:11). However, to not short-circuit or delay God’s plan, we must trust and remain faithful to him throughout the process. Are you trusting him—regardless of your current circumstances, any evil deeds you’ve committed, or evil deeds that have been done to you? Reflecting on God’s sovereignty and goodness in Joseph’s story will help you trust and obey God more (cf. Heb 12:1). Let’s study these truths together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide.


“I am happy that Greg is making his insights into God’s truth available to a wider audience through these books. They bear the hallmarks of good Bible teaching: the result of rigorous Bible study and thoroughgoing application to the lives of people.” —Ajith Fernando; Teaching Director, Youth for Christ; Author of A Call to Joy and Pain

“The Bible Teacher’s Guide … will help any teacher study and get a better background for his/her Bible lessons. In addition, it will give direction and scope to teaching of the Word of God. Praise God for this contemporary introduction to the Word of God.”
—Dr. Elmer Towns, Co-founder of Liberty University

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Free for download all of June 2020: The Message for the Last Days: Biblical and Historical Understanding of End Times by K.J. Soze

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This award winning book examines the biblical quest to obtain eternal life. It guides you through the journey in a step by step progression, from ancient prophecies to their final fulfillment. The Message for the Last Days maps out God’s time intersection of your temporary condition compared to the eternal.

The future is revealed by understanding the past; where history and mystery are intertwined.

How can we know what the future holds if we don’t understand the past? This question is at the heart of this book as much of modern Christian culture has lost its roots. The crux of the book is derived from consistent biblical interpretation methods to find hard truths about our fate mentioned in the Bible.Topics include answers to these questions:

Why is the Christian Church so divided with many different denominations and independent Churches? Isn’t there just one true Church?

How did the modern Church get so far removed from early Church beliefs as clearly stated in the New Testament and by the early Church fathers?

What are the original prophecies in the Old Testament about the end times and how are they repeated in the New Testament?

Does the nation of Israel have anything to do with end times? What is the true meaning of the gospel and salvation?

These questions are answered by a thorough examination of various interpretation methods. This book explains six different biblical interpretation options then reveals a unified approach to understanding the Bible.

Books and articles by KJ Soze cut across various denomination lines to help find unity and clarity for those who may hold differing interpretations.

The Message for the Last Days provides detailed historical research of complex topics, such as end times and the afterlife, then condenses the results into a compact format to save time for those interested in biblical studies. The process is an integration of scriptural references, concordances, topical studies and commentaries into a unique package to help clarify the Bible’s message about the future.

Download the book on Kindle: The Message for the Last Days: Biblical and Historical Understanding of End Times by K.J. Soze

Free Kindle Book: Psalms in 30 Days: A Prayer Guide Through the Psalter by Trevin Wax


From generation to generation, many Christians have adopted the habit of praying every month through all 150 psalms—songs that form the bedrock of both corporate worship and individual devotion. Through thousands of years of memorization, recitation, and singing, the people of God have found in this book a God-centered view of reality—words that put into perspective all our emotions, conflicting desires, times of suffering, and experiences of faith and doubt.

In Psalms in 30 Days, Trevin Wax has adapted a centuries-old approach to reading the psalms by providing a “Morning,” “Midday” and “Evening” pattern—following the Scriptural precedent for praying three times a day. This journey through the psalms, as translated in the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB), also features other songs from the Bible, as well as written prayers from faithful Christians who have gone before us. Here is a guide to praying all the psalms every month by—three times a day—lifting your eyes above your circumstances and reminding yourself that God is the blazing center of all things.

Psalms in 30 Days features the highly readable, highly reliable text of the Christian Standard Bible® (CSB). The CSB stays as literal as possible to the Bible’s original meaning without sacrificing clarity, making it easier to engage with Scripture’s life-transforming message and to share it with others.

Download the book here.

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Free for Kindle until May 8, 2020: How to Overcome Worry: Experiencing the Peace of God in Every Situation by Dr. Winfred Neely (Author)

Scripture’s cure for the worry epidemic

Do you struggle with worry or anxious thoughts on a regular basis? Does your mind get fixated on the same concern over and over? Do you know you should stop worrying but repeatedly fail to do so?

How to Overcome Worry presents a biblical and practical strategy for this exact problem. Dr. Winfred Neely, who has experienced his fair share of anxiety-inducing circumstances, walks you through Philippians 4:6–7 to help you:

  • Understand the difference between concern and worry
  • Use prayer as a means of grace to overcome worry
  • Cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving as an antidote to worry
  • Navigate changing seasons and circumstances without falling into worry
  • Employ practical strategies for experiencing the peace of God

Worry is one of the top issues in our world today, even among Christians, and this concise and biblical approach will offer real solutions. In His Word, God tells us to stop worrying, pray about everything, and expect His peace. This is a true promise of Scripture, and this book will help you to lay hold of it.

Download the book.

Related book: Gospel Hope for Anxious Hearts: Trading Fear and Worry for the Peace of God by Charles Spurgeon

Also free: Revelation for You by Tim Chester

Download the book here (with opt-in).


Many Christians are confused by the book of Revelation. It moves from strange and disturbing images to warm and practical encouragement; from the fires of Hell to wonderful pictures of a glorious eternity.

And yet the message of the final book of the Bible is both clear and simple. Despite everything that is going wrong with our world, God remains in control. And when we see history, our present, and our future from heaven’s perspective, it will encourage us to trust God and remain faithful to the end.

This accessible, absorbing expository guide opens up this book for new and mature Christians alike. It is more applied than a typical commentary, making it a great resource for personal devotion, as well as useful for leading small group studies or sermon preparation.

Download the free eBook for a limited time. Browse reviews on Amazon or buy a hardcover edition.

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BONUS FREEBIE (don’t know expiration): A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture by Keith Mathison

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Another deal: Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work by Tim Keller

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How to Study the Bible: Basic Principles for Studying God’s Word by Gregory Brown

Description: There is quite a bit of confusion over how to study the Bible. This confusion has led to extremes—including hesitancy in approaching the Bible at all (as though it can never be understood) or, on the other end of the spectrum, heretical doctrine. God has given us his Word to be read, studied, understood, enjoyed, applied, and shared. It is meant to be one of our greatest joys, because through Scripture, we get to know our Creator and his will for our lives. Consider what David proclaimed about God’s Word, “O how I love your law! All day long I meditate on it…Your words are sweeter in my mouth than honey!” (Psalm 119:97, 103). Likewise, Job declared, “I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread” (Job 23:12b). In How to Study the Bible, we learn the great benefits of studying Scripture, hindrances to study, basic Bible study tools, and how to interpret and apply it, among other things. Let’s learn how to study God’s Word together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide.

The book enjoys an impressive list of endorsements including:

  • Dr. Elmer Towns; Co-founder of Liberty University; Former Dean, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Young-Gil Kim; Founding President, Handong Global University
  • Dr. Neal Weaver; President, Louisiana Baptist University
  • Ajith Fernando; Teaching Director, Youth for Christ; Author of A Call to Joy and Pain
  • Dr. Min Chung; Senior Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church, Urbana, Illinois; Adjunct Professor, Urbana Theological Seminary

Download the Kindle edition here.