Note: This post is for iPhone users. Download the Kindle app for your phone for free.

Step One: Go to your iPhone Settings and Click on General.


Step Two: Under General Settings, Click on Accessibility.


Step Three: Under Accessibility, go all the way down to Accessibility Shortcut, and set it toVoiceOver.


The Accessibility Shortcut is what happens when you triple-click the round main button on the iPhone just below the screen.


I was tricked at first, wanting to turn VoiceOver “On” at the top of the Accessibility menu just to realize it didn’t work well turning it on earlier than needed.

IMG_1287Step Four: Open a book in the Kindle App, triple click the round button to hear “VoiceOver On”. Then, to begin reading, select a portion of text or swipe three fingers down the screen to have it begin reading.

Happy reading!

Alternatively you could watch the video below:


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