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FREE: Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be: Lessons On Leadership from the Bible Kindle Edition
by LeRoy Eims (Author)

FREE: Adoption: What Joseph of Nazareth Can Teach Us about This Countercultural Choice Kindle Edition
by Russell D. Moore (Author)

Free: The City of God (Xist Classics) Kindle Edition
by Augustine (Author)


FREE: Godspeed: Making Christ’s Mission Your Own Kindle Edition
by @brittmerrick (Author)

FREE: Bible Personalities: A Treasury of Insights for Personal Growth and Ministry Kindle Edition
by Warren W. Wiersbe (Author)

$0.99 Sale for many in 4 Perspectives in Theology Series B&H Academic

$0.99 for Jesus, the Only Way to God: Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved? Kindle Edition
by John Piper (Author)

$1.99 for Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women Kindle Edition
by Patricia A. Miller (Author)

$0.99 for Shame Interrupted: How God Lifts the Pain of Worthlessness and Rejection Kindle Edition
by Edward T. Welch (Author)

$1.99 for a book setting sales records for Cross-Points…Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeen Quershi

For Spanish readers…here’s a great free read:
Cristiano Generación Facebook: Un Llamado a Usar Las Redes Sociales Para la Gloria de Dios (Spanish Edition) Kindle Edition
by Josué Barrios (Author)

$4.99 for Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books Kindle Edition by Tony Reinke (Author)

$0.99 for 20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists: Discover Why Believing in God Makes So Much Sense Kindle Edition by Ken Boa (Author), Robert M. Bowman Jr. (Author)

$0.99 for The Indwelling Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer Kindle Edition
by Andrew Murray (Author)

$2.99 for The New American Commentary – Isaiah 40-66: 15B Kindle Edition
by Gary V. Smith (Author)

$3.99 for C. S. Lewis Remembered by Harry Lee Poe & Rebecca Whitten Poe

$4.99 for Reasons for Our Hope by H. Wayne House & Dennis W. Jowers

$2.99 for Old Testament Survey by Paul R. House & Eric Mitchell

$2.99 for The Cradle, the Cross and the Crown by Andreas Köstenberger

$3.99 for The Love of Wisdom by James Spiegel and Steven Cowan

$2.99 for Shaping a Christian Worldview by David S. Dockery

$0.99 for Introducing the New Testament by Joe Blair

$2.99 for In Defense of the Bible edited by Terry L. Wilder and Steven B. Cowan

$2.99 for Israel: Ancient Kingdom or Late Invention by Daniel Block

$2.99 for A Life Well Lived by Tommy Nelson

$0.99 for The Testing of God’s Sons by Gregory Smith

$2.99 for Interpreting Gospel Narratives by Timothy Wiarda

$2.99 for Shaping a Christian Worldview: The Foundation of Christian Higher Education Kindle Edition by David S. Dockery (Author, Editor), Gregory Alan Thornbury (Author, Editor)

Free short PDF eBook from Colin Smith and Unlocking the Bible: Praying in the Spirit

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