Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.46.37 AMFree for Kindle: Be Basic (Genesis 1–11) by Warren Wiersbe.

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The world has become a confusing place. Every day we are confronted with cloudy moral issues that once seemed clear. When did the simple things get so complicated? But instead of wondering how we got here, maybe we should revisit how we got started. And there’s no better place to start than the beginning of God’s Word, the book of Genesis.

Part of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s best-selling “BE” commentary series, Be Basic has now been updated with study questions and a new introduction by Ken Baugh. A respected pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Wiersbe takes an insightful look at the fundamentals for a life well lived. Return to the beginning and discover life-changing truths about relationships, faith, sin, and spiritual fulfillment. Because in life, the key to a happy ending is found at the beginning.

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